Hey everyone! Im Anaol Fetale, a drag performer and model. I have been with makeup since age 14 and ive loved it ever since. I Love to try new things, i love drag, it has become a huge part of me and everyone that is involved with me. I want to be a role model and make the world a better place and i would love nothing more then to be a FIERCE spokesmodel for rock star wigs! xoxo
OBVIOUSLY this isn’t me but my best friend and drag sister needs help gaining the opportunity to land Rock Star Wigs Next Drag Spokesmodel. She is an amazing performer and a dear friend of mine. We need to get her to 100 votes so please help by doing your small part, click this link»http://www.facebook.com/RockStarWigs?v=app_204169126292521&app_data=cid_15240 , “like” the page, and click “vote”. It’s that simple! If you do this I will love you forever and promo the shit out of you!! XO